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The quest for authentic, eco-friendly wines has grown in popularity in recent years, and organic wines have become a favored choice for environmentally conscious wine lovers. 

Climate: A Key to Organic Viticulture

The Unique Terroir of Our Vineyard. When it comes to producing exceptional organic wines, climate plays a crucial role. Our vineyard is blessed by a unique terroir, a fragile ecosystem which is respected and preserved as part of our organic viticultural practices. Our region's climate is characterized by hot summers and cold winters, with occasional spring frosts. This continental climate contributes to the distinctive flavor of our organic Chablis wines.

Sustainability at the Heart of Organic Viticulture. Organic viticulture promotes sustainability and biodiversity. We use growing methods that preserve soil, protect water resources and promote the growth of healthy flora and fauna. Our commitment to sustainability means reducing carbon emissions, minimal use of chemicals, and conserving land for future generations.

Nature Protection: A Priority

Our Responsible Cultivation Practices. The organic range of our wines is the result of a deep commitment to the protection of nature. We use certified organic growing methods that exclude the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This ensures that our vineyard is a healthy environment for local flora and fauna, while producing grapes of exceptional quality.

Respect for Local Ecosystems. We believe that viticulture should be in harmony with nature. Our vineyard is a haven for bees, birds, ladybugs and other creatures that play an essential role in pollination and pest regulation. By protecting these ecosystems, we help maintain the natural balance of our region.

Responsible Tasting: A Pleasure in Accordance with Nature

The Organic Tasting Experience. Tasting our organic wines means engaging in a unique sensory experience. The fruit of the vine, nourished by the terroir and pampered by the climate, offers a palette of authentic flavors. Organic wines are often characterized by their freshness, purity, and distinct minerality.

Commitment to a Better Future. By choosing organic wines, wine lovers contribute to a more sustainable future. Each bottle tasted is a declaration in favor of the protection of nature and respect for the climate. It’s a way to enjoy wine while supporting responsible winemaking practices.

La gamme bio de nos vins incarne notre engagement envers la nature, le climat, et une dégustation responsable. En combinant le respect du terroir, la protection de la biodiversité et la délicatesse des saveurs, nos vins produits en agriculture biologique sont une célébration de l’harmonie entre l’homme et la nature. Déguster un verre de la Manufacture, c’est savourer la beauté de la viticulture respectueuse de l’environnement tout en honorant notre planète. 

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